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Long before And2, there was Saleem - or "Barry," depending on who you ask - a music nerd who grew up in smalltown Connecticut. After playing the alto saxophone through middle school, putting a focus on performing finally clicked in high school; it was there that playing music transformed from a casual hobby into a passion. By graduation, he was the "resident" DJ for all student sponsored parties, mixing through a combination of CDs and portable MP3 players.

The thought of turning the passion into a career took form during the university years. There, he became a local in-demand DJ, began his venture into music production, and also helped run a student record label - Columbia University Records, or CU Records for short - serving as vice president of the organization. The name "DJ And2" was officially created during his graduate school days at Cornell; he became the official resident DJ for his school and also a regular DJ at a number of clubs, bars, and fraternities around Ithaca, NY.

Returning to NYC to begin a stint in finance, And2 hit the club scene with a splash. Starting out with a number of basement sets at the legendary club Pacha, he soon gained regular gigs at high profile NYC venues including The Windsor at The Gansevoort Park Hotel and Tri-Hopitality Group's FC Gotham / Beaumarchais / VIP Room venues. These days, you can usually catch him as resident DJ for Quiet Events (New York's premier "silent disco" party provider), or as the resident DJ for Live Music Pros (NYC's leading full-scale band and event organizer). Finally, the passion turned into a career.

True "open-format" DJing is something And2 takes very seriously. Depending on the crowd and venue, expect to hear anything from hip-hop to throwback reggae, funk to top-40 pop, or EDM to classic rock. It's hard to put a finger on his unique sound; it spans across a number of sub-genres, eras, and even cultures, but rest assured that it's not an And2 party unless the crowd is moving! Whether it's by rockin' the party with crowd favorites or mashing different sounds to introduce the crowd to something new, he just wants to share his passion with you by always staying creative, fresh, and fun.


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